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    Booja Booja

    Booja-Booja makes organic dairy free chocolate truffles and dairy free ice cream. All products are lovingly handmade by its team in rural Norfolk.

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    Cocoa Loco

    Cocoa Loco is a British chocolate brand, its organic & Fairtrade chocolate products are handmade in Sussex, England.

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    Firetree Chocolate

    Firetree Chocolate is a British brand using rich volcanic chocolate derived entirely from the highest quality cocoa beans to produce 100% vegan bars with no additives or colourings.

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    Fudge Kitchen

    Fudge Kitchen is a luxury British fudge producer that has been handcrafting its original special recipe fudge for over 35 years. Their fudge is made with natural ingredients, no preservatives and is vegetarian friendly.

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    Harry Specters

    Harry Specters is an award-winning British chocolate social enterprise, committed to providing fresh, aesthetically pleasing, luxurious handmade chocolates created using only the highest quality ingredients.

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    Islands Chocolate

    Islands Chocolate is a family-owned British tree-to-bar chocolate Brand, meaning they are not only chocolatiers but also cocoa farmers employing local farmers on the Caribbean island of St Vincent.

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    Joe & Seph's

    Joe & Seph's is a family-owned British brand, producing award-winning, handmade popcorn and caramel sauces, in over 50 flavours using only natural ingredients. All popcorn is handmade by its pastry chefs in London.

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    Langleys is a British brand based on the North Cornwall coast, producing handmade luxury Rocky Road, combining Belgium chocolate, caramel, nougat and honeycomb.

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    London Chocolate

    London Chocolate is a small-batch premium producer bean-to-bar chocolate maker in London's historic docklands. Handcrafted with only two ingredients; premium cacao and natural cane sugar.

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    Marshall and Brown

    Inspired by the founders memories of Kingston, Jamaica, Marshall and Brown produce luxury handmade Vegan and Non-Vegan Rum Truffles which are produced in the UK by an award-winning Master Chocolatier, and infused with a premium Jamaican Rum.

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    Mighty Fine

    Mighty Fine are a British honeycomb brand. Each product is handcrafted for its special light and crisp texture, with only natural ingredients, dollops of honey and the best Belgian chocolate.

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    Monty Bojangles

    Based in London, Monty Bojangles is a British confectionery brand famous for its curiously moreish award winning cocoa dusted truffles.

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    Popcorn Shed

    Popcorn Shed is an award winning family-owned British popcorn brand. It incorporates texture into its sweet and savoury popcorn using quality nut, chocolate, and fruit ingredients. Made in Britain using an artisanal process.

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    Prestat was founded in London in 1902, and is an iconic British chocolate and confectionery brand. It continues to produce its chocolates by hand, created with finest single-origin chocolate and are makers to The Queen.

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    Pundits is a British award-winning chocolate brand that produces healthier no added sugar chocolate bars, instead they are sweetened with stevia (a plant-based sweetener). All products are handmade in Britain.

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    Raw Halo

    Raw Halo is a socially-conscious British chocolate brand that produces natural vegan, raw chocolate bars with 100% organic natural ingredients, and sweetened with coconut sugar. One tree planted for every 50 bars sold.

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    Smith & Sinclair

    Smith & Sinclair is a unique British brand making alcohol and confectionery based products dedicated to making home entertaining and gifting a more joyful. Willy Wonka for grown-ups.

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    The London Chocolate Co

    The London Chocolate Co is a small team of highly skilled chocolatiers that has been making chocolates in London since 2006. It blends some of the world's finest chocolate with exceptional natural flavours to produce beautifully crafted treats.

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    Whip. is a family-run British handmade marshmallow company based in South London, it specialises in creating unusual flavoured marshmallows using the best seasonal ingredients.

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