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    Anchor and Crew

    Anchor & Crew is a multi-award winning British unisex jewellery, accessories and lifestyle brand. Timelessly British by design and manufacture, proudly handcrafted in Great Britain.

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    Astrid & Miyu

    Astrid & Miyu is a British jewellery brand. All pieces are designed in its London studios by a dedicated design team. They also collaborate with young designers based in London to create beautiful and unique pieces.

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    Bailey of Sheffield

    Bailey of Sheffield creates engineered stainless steel jewellery to last a lifetime. Invented, designed, manufactured and hand built in Sheffield, England.

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    Be. Alice

    Alice Bertazzolo is the creative mind behind Be. Alice, a handmade jewellery business based in North London but with an Italian mindset.

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    Beka London

    Beka London is a British designer fine jewellery line that originated by the idea of contemporary mixing with the 600 years of opulent Ottoman culture. All products are hand crafted.

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    By Alona

    By Alona is a British jewellery brand founded by designer, Alona Shelemy. Inspired by her middle-eastern and European background, each and every piece is handcrafted in London.

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    Catherine Zoraida

    Catherine Zoraida is a contemporary British luxury jewellery brand producing playful, elegant award-winning jewellery. Celebrating the very best of British design and craftsmanship.

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    Coco & Kinney

    Coco & Kinney is a London based jewellery brand specialising in unique pieces, using semi-precious stones. Designed in London, made in India.

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    Coco Mango Jewellery

    Coco Mango is an independent British jewellery brand, established in 2019. Its unique handmade collection offers contemporary gold and pearl jewellery with a sophisticated timeless design.

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    Deborah Blyth

    London based jewellery designer Deborah Blyth is known for her organic approach to texture and form. Her passion for the arts and love of nature combine to influence her process.

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    Emily Carter

    Emily Carter is an award winning British designer based in London, specialising in hand illustrated silk accessories, stationery and furnishings.

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    Emma Chapman Jewels

    Emma Chapman jewels is an award winning British brand. Atelier designed, the brand creates unique handcrafted gemstone jewellery with a luxe bohemian edge. It specialises in limited editions and one of a kind.

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    Eshvi is a London based jewellery brand established on the desire to create high quality statement jewellery with a distinct style. Made in Britain.

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    Firehorse is a British accessories brand, celebrating the best of British craftsmanship to produce 100% pure silk scarves that are designed and handmade in Britain.

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    Holistic Silk

    Holistic Silk is a niche British silk accessories brand with a global presence but has remained since its inception, a London and Cornwall based family business. All Holistic Silk products are designed, tested, developed and refined in house.

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    Ince Umbrellas

    Ince Umbrellas is a small family run British manufacturer who have been in the business of making umbrellas for over 210 years. Recognised as the longest established umbrella manufacturer in the UK.

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    Lily & Roo

    Lily & Roo Jewellery was founded by Brittany Preston. Their classic, yet contemporary aesthetic, and modern luxury approach to jewellery design is second to none. Pieces are handcrafted in their London studio in Hatton Garden from 100% British-sourced materials.

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    Maya Magal

    Maya Magal is a British jewellery brand that crafts modern jewellery by hand. Whether a birthstone charm or a mixed-metal ring, all of its pieces are designed by its founder, Maya, and then handmade in small batches by skilled artisans in London.

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    Orelia is a British brand based in London. It produces and supplies beautiful gold & silver plated dainty jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is designed in house.

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    Tripster & Smith

    Founded in 2016 by Suzanne Smith to shout out about beautiful textiles – the Tripster scarves, hankies and mens gifts look good, feel good, are made locally and from natural fibres.

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    Wilful North

    Wilful North is a colourful collection of luxury silk scarves and accessories for bold, creative souls who love to express themselves. All goods are sewn by hand in the UK.

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