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Best British Home Fragrance Brands

BritYard has created an amazing A-Z selection of the Best British home fragrance brands to discover and explore. We have chosen some of our favourite hand-made British candles, diffusers and room mists that will leave your home smelling wonderful!


What BritYard loves... Positive Energy Wax Candle - Pink Grapefruit Vetiver Mint

Exuding positive energy and aromas...


What BritYard loves... Halycon Days Lavender & Lemongrass Candle

Remembering those Halycon Days...

Beautifully Handcrafted

What BritYard loves... Cornish Sea Breeze Diffuser

Bringing the Cornish air to the home...

Birch & Brook

What BritYard loves... Secret Garden Long-burn Candle

Nostalgic scents of an English garden...

Chase & Wonder

What BritYard loves... The Dashing Gent Ceramic Candle

Doubles up as an ornate ceramic container after use...

Earl of East

What BritYard loves... Wildflower Room Mist

Enhance the atmosphere with a few simple sprays...

Elm Rd

What BritYard loves... Freedom Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Celebrating the smell of freedom...

Evermore London

What BritYard loves... Evermore Moon Candle

Enjoy 60 full hours of moonshine (burn time)...


What BritYard loves... Create Candle - The Uplifting One

Its stress reducing aromatherapy benefits...

Hobo & Co

What BritYard loves... Oakwood & Tobacco Medium Candle

A smoky and musky candle made for men...

Laboratory Perfumes

What BritYard loves... Discovery Set (5 signature fragrances)

Can't decide? Why not try all...

Sophie James

What BritYard loves... The Crown Diffuser

Aromas fit for a King (or Queen!)

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